The Top 8 Signs You are a Super Empath | The Narcissists Worst Nightmare


1. You have an intuitive nature.

Super empaths are known for having incredibly high intuition. If you’re a super empath, upon entering a room, you’ll be able to grab a sense of the atmosphere and people around you. When engaging in a conversation, you’re able to navigate the tone with ease to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

This intuition might seem like a gift, but it does come with its own curse. If you’re super empaths and have a high intuition, you may have had the unsettling experience of finding out something you weren’t supposed to know.

Super empaths would make great detectives, able to decode manipulations with little clues. It’s not uncommon for super empaths to discover a cheating spouse based on little evidence of find out a friend is untrustworthy. When always noticing patterns or sensing toxic traits in people, super empaths might wish they could live in a less-intuitive ignorant bliss.

2. You might have so much empathy that you experience mirror-touch synthesia.

Synthesia is the experience of a person’s sense blending over one another. For example, people claim to be able to “see” sounds or ” taste” colors.

Mirror-touch synthesia, is a type of synthesia that enables some individuals to actually physically feel other people being touched as if they’re being touched themselves. Recently, this experience was discovered in a small population of humans which is evidence that supports the existence of super empaths!

Researchers De. Michael Banissy and Dr. Natalie Bowling of Goldsmith University discovered that only 1-2% of humans have empathy that is so high, that they experience Mirror-Touch synthesia.

Next time you’re with someone, pay attention to whether you feel any sensation when they’re being touched. If so, you might be a super empath!

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