This Happens When The Narcissist Has No one

This Happens When The Narcissists Has No one


Today, I want to talk about when the Covert Narcissist has no one; meaning they are not in an exclusive relationship or they don’t have any children or grandchildren around. So, they may have friends or family around but not someone that they can call their own.

 And from my observation, Covert Narcissists do not show their true nature to extended family members, only their partners and children usually get the full dose of what they have to offer. And it’s basically because they know they have people at home they can reveal their evil nature to. They have people at home, who they can go to and dump their negative emotions onto.

Narcissists are filled with negative energy that they need to let out ever so often to stop them from imploding. So, they need someone to pour their negative energy onto. The extroverted Narcissist has an unlimited sources as they are toxic in public and private. But the Covert Narcissist is limited as to when and who they can unleash that negativity onto.

This is why they work hard to trap people into exclusive relationships; especially marriages with them. They need to have people in their private lives or safe zone that they can be cold and harsh with, without being exposed.

So, how do they cope with not having someone on tap that they can abuse or show their true evil nature to?

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