When should I start Dating after a Toxic Relationship?


1. Ask Yourself What Do You Value In Life.

The first thing that I’ve realized is that in order to really understand ourselves once we’ve gotten past the toxicity, once we’ve got past the stress and anxiety, and all those types of feelings and emotions that kept us in turmoil, we’re now able to really understand and see ourselves with clarity, and now we have the time to really focus on ourselves.

 We have to take this time, and that’s what usually most people do not do. Instead of taking the time to get to know themselves and really understanding, how am I saying this, why am I saying this, why do I feel what makes me tick, we don’t take any of that. We get through the toxic relationship, we see the problems of the other person, and we make amends and we go back out there again, and we are wondering, why do we keep attracting these same types of people?

 So, the first thing we need to do is be able to understand what we stand for. This is critical. Who we are, and how do we do this best? Well, the best way to figure this out is to ask yourself what do I value in my life? Because in order to really have compatibility, we have to find some of the similar things compatible, but we also have to have similar values. And I’m not saying that we can’t see differently and have different opinions, but our basis of value has to be structured very similar.

 So one of the best ways to understand this is to really start getting into your mindset, start looking at yourself, start connecting with yourself, and start having just some sort of personal conversations of what is it that I value in my life? What’s important to me?  For example, is family important to me? Is eventually having children something that’s important to me? Why is family important to me? Why is marriage important to me? And what does that mean to me? You got to take it a step further!

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