Have you Hurt the Narcissist’s Feelings – When They Overreact


1. When You Point Out Their Faults.

The first popular scenario where the Narcissist likes to overreact is when you accuse them of something, and the main reason they usually overreact in this instance is to make you feel guilty. So, even if you point out something they did wrong and have proof, their aim is to turn your anger into sympathy or for you to question the reality of the situation.

 The Narcissist will find a way to make it your fault as to why they did or said something. They may break down in tears, challenging why you had to attack them the way you did, even though you were just pointing out the truth and wanting them to take accountability. They may get angry at you for accusing them of something even though it is true.

 Their anger can also be in the form of that dreaded silent treatment where they make it clear that they are not happy with you, and it’s all because Narcissists hate when their faults are pointed out. They believe they should be able to do and say what they want without consequence. They believe they are entitled to do whatever makes them happy regardless of who they hurt in the process.

So, by overreacting, the Narcissist is looking to switch things up and make you question who really is at fault. Is it them, the Narcissist, for saying what they said or doing what they did, or is it you for daring to point it out or make it an issue? Could you have done it better? Could you have spared the feelings of the Narcissist?

 Be assured that you have not done anything wrong, but the Narcissist’s intention is to make you feel that you did. That way the focus is taken off the Narcissist and onto you.

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