How To Get Rid Of Depression | Top 10 Psychological Tips


Before deciding how to get rid of depression, it’s important to diagnose it: a certain set of symptoms should appear for at least two weeks. d It’s also important to identify the factors that triggered its development. They are of two types:

  • exogenous – external factors;
  • endogenous – internal factors.

The rapid pace of modern life, information and emotional oversaturation, failures in love and at work are external factors that lead to an overstrain of the human psyche. Malfunctions in the body (internal factors) often lead to negative moods, despondency, feelings of hopelessness, and doom covering us more and more. Over time they transform into a depressive disorder, which not everyone can overcome on their own.

The causes of depression often overlap. And a striking example of this is seasonal and postpartum depression. The appearance and development of which are simultaneously influenced by both external and internal factors.

A book: Anxiety Disorders In Women – The Ultimate Resource Guide

10 psychologist’s tips on how to get rid of depression.

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