This is What Happens to Victims of Narcissistic Abuse


1. We no longer take people at face value. We watch their words, their actions, and their behavior very closely before we make an assumption that they are actually a good, decent person. Many narcissists seemed like a very good person before we got deeply involved with them, and we learned the hard way that it takes time and strong boundaries before we are able to actually trust anyone. We are not interested in living through the horror we have already lived through ever again.

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2. We have lost the desire to try and tell our side of the story or to defend ourselves to anyone. We learned that anyone who actually believed the narcissist’s smear campaign or the narcissist’s lies that they used to alienate our children from us are either ignorant, and there’s no point in wasting your time to convince them, or they are disordered themselves and likely flying monkeys.

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3. We have learned that these types of people have polluted society and that we have to be extremely selective about who we let into our lives. We are not willing to take any chances of possibly getting involved or being subjected to anyone with this disorder again. We value our peace, our happiness, and freedom in ways we never did before this happened. We are unwilling to sacrifice any of those things and keeping ourselves safe is of the highest priority.

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