What Happens When You GHOST a Narcissist


 Number 1: Realizations.

 Based on the word itself, “Ghosting”, you will enter a different kind of reality. You may have thought of it for quite some time now and never dared to finally do it. You probably thought of it for the first time and trusted your gut instinct to cut all ties with the narcissist in your life. And you will reflect based on your decision and weigh the baggage that this narcissist has made you carry.

 Narcissists can consciously and subconsciously manipulate you into staying through interactions filled with cognitive dissonance, love bombing, and the trauma bond. Once you finally see the relationship for what it truly is, you can get a hold of your reality again.

 Number 2: This will trigger their abandonment issues.

 Your narcissist may have abandonment issues. Otherwise, you wouldn’t go to great lengths of cutting contact and ignoring them at all costs. Narcissists are more likely to have developed attachment styles that vary from anxiety, disorganized, and avoidance, depending on their perceived relationships earlier on in life.

Once the narcissist gets the hint that they have been ghosted, best to expect a multitude of reactions. Surely, they’ll be evident enough to show you the cycle that the narcissist has strapped you into, which we will discuss furthermore in the following repercussions.

 Number 3: Rage.

 Like taking candy from a baby, your narcissist is most likely to throw a fit at the notion that you’re stripping them of the control they have over you. No longer getting the validation, attention, and whatever benefit they leech off of you can send a narcissist into a raging frenzy. A narcissist will tend to make you feel as if the choice of leaving was selfish. In this stage of response, ask the victim of narcissistic abuse. One must refrain from caving into their blows to make you vulnerable and lure you back in.

 It is hard for a narcissist to concede defeat, and you should be ready to fight for that victory. After all, you’re the one who knows your narcissist the best. As the abused, you will be able to map out their patterns and their triggers. It is time to use it to your advantage by seeing the bigger picture and taking away the ill-gotten trust they had from you.

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