Why It’s Dangerous To Tell Narcissists They’re Narcissists


 10. They will get really mad.

 What is the narcissist’s most likely reaction? Anger! Narcissists can be loud, grandiose, and flamboyant. On the outside but inside, they are just sensitive children who have never matured enough to deal with their problems the right way. Every time they are crossed or even slightly inconvenienced, their first reaction would be anger.

 So if you confront a narcissist about their behavior and who they are, there’s a huge chance that the narcissist would take offense and lash out at the empath. The narcissist’s usual bubbly and charming exterior is only there to hide their insecurities within. Pointing them out is only going to anger the narcissist and endanger the empath.

 9. They will try to excuse their behavior.

 How will they defend themselves? Narcissists who get cornered and have their flaws pointed out will not possibly remain there to be judged. They will try their best to defend themselves because though all the evidence points to them being narcissists, their egos cannot accept that fact. Instead, they will go all defensive and try their best to deny or excuse their behavior.

 When they feel that the facade that they have created for themselves is under attack, narcissists try their hardest to kill the threat. If an empath decides to confront the narcissist by telling them their condition, they have to be ready for some hurtful retaliation.

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